Wednesday, 1 August 2007

FIDE Ethics Commission: Short Case Decision "Imminent"

Re the FIDE Ethics Commission case against Nigel Short: latest reports indicate that Rustam Kamsky has been co-opted onto the tribunal. We have also heard a further unsubstantiated rumour that former women's world champion Zhu Chen (see photo) could be involved in some capacity. The verdict is said to be "imminent".


  1. That looks like my surname on the barrel, too.

  2. Did you ever see the flame war between Nigel & Gata on the playchess server, that took place during Elista John? If not I have a copy I can send you.

  3. ejh - did you sponsor the rifle? Who says FIDE can't find sponsors when they need them... Tom - yes, thanks, I certainly did see that flame war. In real time, if I remember rightly. It can be found in various places on the web (my earlier link doesn't seem to work but it can easily be googled)