Friday, 3 August 2007

The Long Ships Are Coming...

Look out! A Danish (sorry, Scottish) pirate is on the loose! See the photo, taken by me while I spotted him marauding in Manx waters a couple of years ago*.

What was I saying about "nothing to write about"? Even as I clicked the 'send' button on the blog, I read that Jacob Aagaard has beaten Nick Pert with Black. And Jonathan Rowson beat Steve Barrett on board three. That constitutes something to write about... how the Scots players continue to dominate the British Championship. Aagaard is now a point clear of the field on 5/5, while Rowson is amongst those on 4. I remember writing something about 'the English challenge to Rowson' but it now seems as though the main threat to his chances of a fourth successive title could come from his own side of the border.

Reminder to English chess fans: the last of your fellow countrymen to win the title was Julian Hodgson in 2000 (which was technically in the 20th century, remember?). When will England produce its first 21st century British chess champion?

* incidentally, I did not digitally insert that skull and bones flag into the photo, it's a real flag. Jacob posed with it so he could use the photo for a book cover!


  1. I that the Port Erin tournament? I'm sure I recognise the playing hall.

  2. Yes, it was taken during the 2005 Monarch Assurance Isle of Man International. The 2007 edition of this tournament will sadly be the last.

  3. That's bad news. How come?

  4. Loss of sponsorship

  5. Not the ECF's fault, I trust?

    Incidentally, I seem to recall that the reason a lot of English grandmasters didn't want to play the British was that it had been taken over by Indians and the like.

    Now the rules have been changed and the Indians are barred, I assume all the complainers are enjoying the Norfolk coast this afternoon?