Saturday, 25 April 2009

Celeb Chessplayer No. 954

Frances Barber is a highly accomplished and very attractive British actress. In today's (25 April) Telegraph, she mentions that she is a chess player...

"I love playing chess with a friend. He's a special friend. He's not an actor and he's a very good chess player, but I'm not elaborating further – he's so new that something might go wrong."

Though not wishing to spoil Ms Barber's chances with said special friend, it would be interesting to know his identity - if indeed he is a 'very good chess player' as she claims.


  1. I suspect that 'very good chessplayer' in this context probably means someone who isn't an absolute beginner...nice pic though! :-)

  2. It is almost definitely Ron Harman. Check if you don't believe me!

  3. Intersting blog indeed.
    I have just arrived here from britbase trying to contact you. (to get an e-mail so i can ask you some questions; could be posible?)
    Thanks for your time, my email is (my doubts are about a chess work on a book)

  4. James, what has Ron done to deserve that?

  5. is Ron Harman still alve I remember him from the eary 70's