Thursday, 13 October 2011

Dutch for Chessplayers

Ever wondered how to pronounce 'Euwe'? Or 'Scheveningen'? Or 'Wijk aan Zee'?

Wonder no longer - there is a website which gives guidance on the pronunciation of some chess-related Dutch names and terms...

Very useful - though I'm not sure I can replicate some of those sounds myself.


  1. I'd quite like to see a general guide to pronunciation of chess names and terms in their various languages of origin. What, for instance, is the correction pronunciation of Pirc? Or Najdorf? Or Topalov?

  2. So would I but who is going to do the work? Not me, that's for sure. I confess I am sick of hearing people pronouncing 'Pirc' like the English word 'perk'. But I am as bad myself: I am completely unable to force myself to pronounce 'fianchetto' in a vaguely Italian way. The habit of 40+ years and Spanish influence is too strong.