Saturday, 17 February 2007

Can You Solve This Crossword Clue?

There was a very good chess-related clue in today's (17 Feb) Guardian crossword...

"Chess player heard to do what Humpty Dumpty did to friend - some egg!" (7 letters)

I managed to get it but only after working out the 3rd and 7th letters from other clues. Can you work it out? I'll give you a clue in 'comments'...


  1. The 3rd letter is 'P' and the 7th letter is 'V'...

  2. That makes the answer almost inevitably Topalov - but I still don't understand the clue itself!

  3. Yes, TOPALOV is right. It sounds like 'topple off' - and Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall. The rest of the clue is TO plus PAL ("friend") plus some OV(UM) (which means "egg")

  4. I was impressed by the fact that the crossword setter (Araucaria) thought Topalov sufficiently famous to feature in a crossword.