Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Life Begins at 100

Well, there we are... I file a story entitled 'Life Begins at 70' and, two days later, one comes along to trump it...

Alec Holden is 100 today (born 24 iv 1907) and has made headlines after winning £25,000 from a bookmaker after placing a £100 bet with them a few years ago that he would make it to 100 (if you think about it, a bet which, if lost, hardly matters).

Asked the inevitable questions about how he accounts for his longevity (on this morning's Today radio programme), one of his answers was that he plays a game of chess every day and still runs a club. He is celebrating his birthday at a party later today and he made a point of mentioning that he would be taking his chess set with him.

There, that's official, then. Chess is good for your health. Tell your friends - and don't forget to add that there is a shop in Baker Street which sells the elixir of life.

Link to news reports about Alec Holden · purchase the elixir of life

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