Saturday, 9 August 2008

Conquest of Britain

"Mistakes... I made a few... but thereagain... too few to mention..."

Stuart Conquest did it "his way" and became the 2008 British Champion - congratulations to him and commiserations to Keith Arkell (both great guys).

At last England has a born, bred and registered champion again after ten years. Except that Stuart lives in Spain! And speaks fluent Spanish. As indeed does the new British women's champion Jovanka Houska (her folks come from Uruguay). It's been a great summer of sport for Spanish speakers, hasn't it? The football team, Rafa Nadal, the Tour de France guy - and now Stuart and Jovanka!

So I guess it's "Enhorabuena, campeones!"...


  1. My apologies for inadvertently pinching your headline for my latest news report at!

  2. You know how the Spanish say you can recognise the English without hearing them speak? Because they're all badly dressed. (Apparently this is univerally understood among Spaniards.)