Friday, 11 November 2011

Mickey Adams Commits Chuckicide

STOP PRESS... Mickey Adams has committed Chuckicide in the final round of the European Team Championship in Greece, 11 November 2011... this means England currently lead Ukraine 1½-½ with two games still in play.

Michael Adams (left) 1-0 Vassily Ivanchuk


  1. Gawain Jones had previously drawn with Moiseenko. Sadly, Nick Pert and Nigel Short both went on to lose so the match was lost by 1½-2½.

  2. Before I read the post I wasn't sure if committing Chuckicide meant he'd won or lost!

    Despite Adams going undefeated, England's final position of 22nd is the worst underperformance of any team (judging by difference between seeding and final position). Oh dear...

    As a Welshman, all I can say about our performance is that at least we didn't come last!