Monday, 18 March 2013

2013 Candidates, Round 3: Kramnik-Grischuk

While one of the two 'Chuks is suffering, the other is looking very solid. Grischuk might have gone the way of so many of Kramnik's opponents playing the black side of a Catalan/Neo-Grunfeld but some inspired, active defence to nullify the former champion's positional edge. The star move was 23...Nb5, which gave up a pawn to establish a firm grip on the white squares and ensure that the black queen would become a thorn in White's flesh. All ways of making progress for White were thus nullified so Kramnik had to settle for a repetition. The only draw of the round but every bit as interesting as the three decisive games.

Kramnik is now a full point behind the leader Aronian and he'll be disappointed not to have made better use of the white pieces. Grischuk will have gained confidence from some imaginative defence.

Grischuk and Kramnik at their round three press conference with Nastya Karlovich

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