Monday, 18 January 2010

Probably the Best Chessplayer in the World

This month's issue of British Chess Magazine is now out, a little (well, OK, a lot) later than usual. We were keen to include a full report of the London Chess Classic as it was the best thing to happen to British chess for a long time.

For the cover we couldn't resist designing a graphic along the lines of a certain brand of beer of a similar name to the world chess number one. It's not quite the same design (nor the same font) so hopefully those jolly nice chaps who brew the excellent beer will not be minded to sue.

We have no fewer than 40 pages of games and photos on this fantastic tournament in the January BCM, amounting to a souvenir issue. I do urge you all to buy a copy - only £4.05 from a website near you.

1 comment:

  1. Nice issue!
    I will admit to getting a bit worried, remembering the 'double issues' which 'Chess' used to bring out to catch up the backlog, back in the 70s I think. Or worse still, that BCM had gone out of business. Or even worse, that it was being taken over by the other magazine (heaven forbid!).
    Just one thing, not a complaint, but the constant reference to Kasparov as Carlssen's second/trainer, what Kasparov is saying on the PlayChess server, etc, across all of the chess media, is beginning to grate. (Probably Chessbase is the worse offender). In much the same way as Mrs Thatcher's view of the government of the day were after she left office. The great Gary has gone, long live...