Monday 29 November 2010

Wikileaks: Nothing About Chess

I visited Wikileaks to see if there was anything about chess, for example all those conspiracy theories that Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov came out with - for example, did Karpov and Kasparov really make up all those world championship games, did IBM get Karpov to make some moves on behalf of Deep Blue when it beat Garry, did Kirsan liaise with the little green men, etc, etc?

What a disappointment. I'm none the wiser. Nothing about chess at all, just some stuff about a war in the Middle East which I have no interest in (I've been editing chess magazines for the last decade, for heaven's sake). They might at least have told us whether Osama Bin Laden plays the Queen's Gambit but no... nothing... zilch... zippo.

Well, at least they haven't found out that all us chessplayers are Communists and are engaged in a worldwide struggle to checkmate capitalism, so our big secret's safe at least. Er... wait a minute, did I write that down instead of just think it? Whoops... and is that the doorbell? Just a sec... oh dear... these large gentlemen in sharp suits say I have to put my coat on and go with them to answer a few questions. I could be a while. See you soon, everyone... hopefully...

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  1. People say there ARE some chess quotes:

    In both meetings, Barak described Iranians as "chess, not backgammon players."...

    ...It is better seen as one among many moves in a very long chess game that all sides here, including Erdogan and the AKP, are adept at playing...

    -- Found by Roger (ChessPro forum)