Thursday 26 April 2018

J A M Osborn, 1935 British Chess Championship

While I was researching the 1935 British Chess Championship, I came upon this nice photo on Getty images...

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This is J A M Osborn, from British Guiana (as it then was), who played in the First Class B section and scored 4½/11. Does anyone know his forenames? The photo is dated 11 July 1935.

There is also a photo of Sir George Thomas from the same congress in Great Yarmouth...

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  1. JAM Osborn was my grandfather. John Alan Milton Osborn.My father was Frank Leonard Osborn who played at the 1946 Nottingham chess congress.
    I remember seeing a newspaper cutting talking about JAM travelling 3,000 (from Guiana) to play chess at the Margate (Cliftonville) chess congress in 1914?/.
    Any further info on this would be appreciated, as I am researching the ancestors I never met. The family (dad, grandad and great granddad) were all Guiana chess champions and the venue for the Guiana chess club was in our home 190 Church St. Georgetown. Having left Guyana in 1961 before the troubles, I have no more info and am now trying trace family history. Email my compuserve address ( not the stated google address please.